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#1 13 years ago

We are a MOH:SH clan, but do venture into the COD2 realm. We started on Feb. 11th, 2005 to compete against others, develop our tactics and teamwork, but most importantly, TO HAVE FUN. We came from another clan, but wanted more. We want to compete on all levels of play, and be the best TEAM we can be. Currently we have 7 servers, 5 for MOH:SH (1Euro server), and 2 for COD2. Our age requirement is 18+. We do ask that you have VENTRILLO as this is our means of communication. We have private slots for our members since our servers run full quite a bit. This clan might not be right for everyone, which is why we want to get to know every member personally before we promote. Drop by and check us out at www dot shoot2kill.us.

Server IP's (Euro server)