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#1 12 years ago

Hello. I am King_Mario13. I am a member of The Top Tiers Clan. we currently support Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, many DS games, and soon to be advanced wars: Days of Legion. You can join this clan too exchange Wii codes with members, Friend Codes, PS3 codes(whatever they are called in this game), and Xbox Live Gamertags. we are big in the Nintendo category but you can find games to play with our members in Sony and Microsoft. Our clan does not require try-outs to get into the clan but to get your ranking. If you are not too great at the game you will get our low ranking of T1. this is not bad but it just says you need to improve which we can help you do. our middle rank is t2. this means you are decent but not a Top Tier of this game. T3 means you can pwn all of the noobs. you accel far above average. so if you would like to meet some cool members, exchange Friend codes, or just chill visit our clan of: TheTopTiers OR(just another link. same site) TheTopTiers