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#1 14 years ago

About The [Trmn8z] Clan: - We are an INTERNATIONAL gaming clan. We are accepting memebers from the US, and also EUROPE. - We currently have 56 Active Members. Generaly we only accept members who log on 3 times a week at least, and play for a total of 6 hours a week. - You must show respect to all members. Participate in clan events, scriming, meetings, pratices, squad events ect - MUST HAVE XFIRE and VALID EMAIL - Have a website www.clantoolz.com/terminators - 3 Teamspeak Servers - Server IP's and passwords are not handed out to Non Clan Members, you will recive this information apon joining us. - 4 Public Servers, getting two private scrim/pratice servers soon [COLOR=Black] American Servers - - 20 slot - Liberation All Weapon

- - 16 slot - V2/Stali Sniper Only European Servers - - 20 slot - CTF V2 Sniper/Rifle Only Located in the UK

- - 16 slot - CTF, FT, CTB, LIBERATION, OBJ Gametypes Located in France

Needing Recruits for new American Squad - Our clan has recently formed an All Weapon Squad. We need some dedicated players for this squad skilled in using an assortment of weapons preferably in the smg-mg range. - If that squad dosnt sound right for you we still have a place for you. - Sniper/Rifle Squad Recruting (American Only) - European Sniper/Rifle Squad Recruiting (Dutch Only) - European All Weapon Squad Recruiting (Any Nationality In Europe) - And of course our newly formed All Weapon Squad (American Only)

Interested? - You Must Have XFIRE just add any of these officers and leaders xifre we will speak to you. These are only the [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Recruting Officers[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] in the squad. There are more officers, but here are the basic ones to help get you set up and started with us. - turok111 (Leader) - trmn8zrulz (Co*Ldr) - net66 (American All Wep [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Recruting Officer[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]) - crusadist2 (American Sniper/Rifle Squad Leader) - maffiej (European All Wep [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Recruting Officer[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]) - terrornofu (European Sniper/Rifle Squad Recruting Officer)

- Email [email]trmn8zclan@hotmail.com[/email] - Post on our forum [/COLOR]