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#1 13 years ago

Ok guys Warriors of Honor =WH= Clan is recruiting for MOHAA 1.11 only. We have 1 public server ( and one private server (passworded). We are registered at clancombat and clanbase. We have teamspeak and we have clan wars every week. WH is an international clan but most of our members are from europe or N America. Our website is http://darkjedi.org/club/WH/ if you want to check it out. We have about 50 members at the moment but are always looking for more. To join, go to http://darkjedi.org/club/WH/enlist/ , fill out your info and put in that you were recruited by Puddinator. once u filled and out and finished u will get an email with your loggin and password. Now go to: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/WH/training/ then it will ask u to loggin and then loggin with the name and password u got in your email (hit loggin button on top right corner). after that http://www.darkjedi.org/club/WH/training/ should show up and skim thru it and do the quick test. once you r done with the test u will be assigned to a unit in 48 hours. (prolly less then 24). If you have any problems email me at [email]assaulteer@gmail.com[/email].

cya guys later -Puddinator