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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I am the head of a newly up-and-running clan on MOHAA and MOHAAS, ||IOC||. I have a fairly ambitious skinning project request, not necessarily difficult but extensive.

For my clan, I would like a pack of files that will reskin every weapon in MOHAA and MOHAAS except the Springfield 03, Colt 45, Walther P38, bazooka, Panzerschrek and grenades. That's the extensive part.

Here is the easy part. All I request is that each weapon be skinned in such a manner as to make all the wood areas jet-black, and all the metal areas as shiny a chrome as possible.

Sgt. Shultz has a G43 skin on MOH Files that can be referenced--his skin is where I got this idea.

Anyone interested in undertaking part or all of this job can reach me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] with questions or anything else.

Thanks in advance, I know skinning takes time (which not everyone has lots of) and my patience will be paramount if anyone takes it upon themselves to do this.