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#1 10 years ago

Hello. Im having trouble making easygen work right. I've read through several tutorials and can't manage to get my textures to show. Most of the tutorials I read however are setup for a different game, with a few slight changes in folders and that sort of thing.

Like this: MODSonline - Tutorials: SOF2 Mapping, EasyGen Terrain

Anyways, I dont know if I'm setting up easygen correctly first of all. Here is what I have done using easygen 1.42:

Install to its own folder. Setup bmp and bmpimport folder in mohaa/main Direct easygen to my MOD folder....mohaa/main. It then created 2 folders here (textures and scripts). I also directed it to save maps in my mohaa/main/maps folder.

I then opened pak3.pk3 i believe and copied my texture files from there to my mohaa/main/textures folder that easygen created.

I keep seeing stuff about shader files and folder. I cannot find this. I found a folder with a lot of shader files in my pak0.pk3 folder from mohaa. I copied them just to be sure into my mohaa/main/scripts folder that easygen created.

So, after this i created a map. Using easygen is fine. But after I create the map, (I only use 2 or 3 textures), I then go to export. Its that screen that Im not sure what to put where it asks for "top" under shader. Some say change it to a texture, some say leave it as common/texture. I've tried both ways. Anyways after that I save the map.

I make sure my script file is in the script folder. Some tutorials refer to this as the shader file maybe? Again this is the confusing part. And I make sure my map is located in my map folder. And the PCX file I'm not sure where it goes. I've tried it in mohaa/main and mohaa/main/textures and mohaa/main/scripts. I never see this "shader" folder or anything called "heightmaps".

But anyways, I run the map in radiant. Of course the only texture I can see is whatever I put in the export menu box where it asks for "top". I have been told radiant only shows one texture from easygen anywas. But when I compile the map and go to play it I see only the texture I have in the "top" box. During compile/build I see the message:

Warning:couldn't find image for shader textures/notextures Warning:couldn't find image for shader textures/common/terrain

So I'm obviously doing something wrong during export in the shader "top" box, but also something to do with my textures folder that easygen created.

This is probably confusing to anyone who reads this but I've tried many times to get this to work. I really need some help from someone who knows how to work this program for mohaa specifically.