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22nd January 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Not so long ago i read that there was map created with flyable planes for Moh. That map was put only for couple of weeks. Few days ago I found a map that really had flyable planes in it. That map is a master piece of all MOH maps scripting that I ever saw (map can be found here That map is great but what about original maker of planes in MOH Scorpio Midget. He created battleships with usable flaks, enterable planes, for 2 ppl, 1 mg 1 fly. I heard that Scorpio is back in business after short break and he is planing to create final version of plane battle (parp.pk3) which would not need download. So we only hope that project would be finished and it should be nice. Good luck, Scorpio if your still working on that map.