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15th January 2007

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#1 12 years ago

when i make a map, the texture in the 3d view is totally bended, it's not straight, sow when i use a texture with squares, they are all bended, and it's with all the brushes i made sow what do i have to do?


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28th August 2006

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#2 12 years ago

are you using a stock texture and which one? are you textureing a mesh or a brush? try going to surface properties (control s) and then right clicking the face of that texture, then setting the scale to vert scale of 1 and horz scale of 1. A bug in Radient sometimes stretches a mesh texture and have also found some grass textures that will misbehave in Radient. also, make sure you do not have any other custom maps or skins on your main or mainta when you map. bobzilla if you still need help, you can email the .map file for me to look at: [EMAIL="thebobzilla@cox.net"]thebobzilla@cox.net[/EMAIL]