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#1 8 years ago

Hi there.

I play MOHAA a lot, particularly spearhead. I have also made a few half decent 3D models of guns. I would like someone who could make the actual mod part of a weapon mod for me. I would supply the models/animations in a popular file format (undecided). You may need to remap the textures I would supply. I would need you to:

*POSSIBLY* remap the textures (not sure) 1. Convert the models/animations into the correct file format 2. Create TIK/shader files 3. Create any additional scripts needed 4. Package and test mod.

Obvs. this intended as a free-ware mod, though you will get credit. Either PM me or post on this thread :) I have included some links below which may help you with exporters to simplify the above.

Thanks :) Sheppy96

Mohaa Model Exporter - boards.ie MILKSHAPE TOOLS http://medalofhonor.filefront.com/file/Medal_of_Honor_SDK;10288 MOHAAS SDK