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4th February 2006

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#1 8 years ago

Hello everybody,

I'm making a 3rd person mod for MoH Spearhead, and I have a problem with the crosshair (like in many 3rd person mods): some people see their crosshair pointed on their character's head, which kind of obstructs view. After googling for an answer, I found this:

For correct 1st person view: $player stufftext ("set cg_verticalcameradisplacement -2")

For correct 3rd person view: $player stufftext ("set cg_verticalcameradisplacement -18")

Now I tried these (I know how to script them and I can get them to work, don't worry). But I had to conclude that on my computer, "-2" gave the right view in 3rd person mode, and "-18" gave me the crosshair on the head, so exactly the opposite of what every modding website tells me.

So finally my question: is this because my MoH is "not normal", or are those other websites wrong? i.e.: do I have to set it to "-2" or to "-18" to give the other people a crosshair above their heads instead of on the head?

Thanks in advance!