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#1 13 years ago

First off, I did search, but all I got was a bunch of threads full of people saying search. So please help. I want to make the guns in the singleplayer mode of mohaab more powerful, accurate, long range, stuff like that. I know it can be done, but how? Even just a simple link to a webpage telling me what I need is apreciated.

Thanks, Derrick.


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#2 13 years ago




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#3 13 years ago

The .tik has the info you need to edit. Even though I no longer mod for MoH I downloaded my Dual Colt mod again so you can see what you need to edit:

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// DM Attributes dmbulletcount 2 dmstartammo 100 dmammorequired 2 dmfiredelay 0.14 dmmovementspeed 1.0

dmbulletrange 4000 //the range at which bulletspread is applied fully (5 yards) dmbulletspread 60 60 130 130 //minpitch minyaw maxpitch maxyaw(offsets in world units) spread is maximum at top movement speed dmfirespreadmult 0.58 0.5 200 0.6 //add falloff cap maxtime 0.38 0.7 200 0.6 (original)

// dmbulletdamage 35 dmbulletdamage 30 dmcrosshair 1

// Secondary fire DM Attributes secondary dmammorequired 0 secondary dmbulletrange 96 secondary dmbulletdamage 35 // this is attached to the player during reload cache models/ammo/colt_clip.tik } client

The text in bold is what you need to edit. Try messing around with the values till you have something you like.