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#1 14 years ago

I am creating a mod. Yes. A mod. How rare! :P Moving on. This is not just any mod, but SpeedBall! What is speedball you ask? SpeedBall is a game that is usually played in the sewers of The Hunt, with SMGs. Allies on one side, Axis on the other. You holster your SMG, and at a set time, you run for cover and start to shoot. Leaving the sewer results in 1 point lost. The sewers are fun, but not as much fun as SpeedBall could be. And so, I'm creating maps for this. Very fun, Very chaotic. Not just maps, however. Weapon Skins, Axis/Allied Icon skins, and Player skins. So, there you have it. Suggestions, please?



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7th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

suggestions, no. but it doesn't sound like fun 2 me (sry to say m8) but i'll have a go when its finished.