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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I was recently scimming through your Moh:AA modifications and found the sky is the limit modifcation Made by jv_ map who is my opinion is the best mod maker(s) out there. Anyway....i was thinking....If they can take mohaa wich is a 1st person shooter and make it able to fly planes like that with so much area to fly around in instead of the lame plane mods servers are running nowa days besides this one. I was wondering. Could somebody make a Submarine mod? have a few guys in a big map thats just a bunch of water? and shoot torpedos at eachother? Of course you have depth and water pressure and hatch doors opening. Ect. Ect. but i think it would be intersting. ( yes i am aware that there are U-boat simulators but none the less i think it would be cool....there are air simulators aswell but we love The sky is the limit :nodding: P.S. perhaps on some maps you could have a destroyer sail around droping depth charges that would hurt your health? now THAT would be awsome.


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#2 13 years ago

It sounds good, but I can think of a few things that would be hard to do... How would make the sights? MoH doesn't have under-water effects (it looks like you're just in the air)... You'd also (at least partly) need to redo the sub model to add all the effects and the hatches for the torpedoes. And how can you make sure that everybody respawns in a sub without having too few or to man subs? Etc. etc.

I think there would be too many problems to solve, and then you'd have a sub mod that can never compete with submarine simulators, so I don't think it would pay off to make a sub mod...