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24th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi there, I am the leader of a newly opened clan and am looking for good German speaking players. So why would a good player join a new clan, you'll probably ask (I know I would :) )? Our seven founding members are all playing under the name of "Forgotten Hope Freelancers" (FHF) in the FH-League (http://www.fh-liga.net). The FHF is just a bunch of people who aren't in a clan at all or who's clan does not play FH. We're actually quite good, even though we lack almost any form of tactics and TS communication is ... quite chaotic :rolleyes:. So some of us decided to found a very well organized clan with good structures, good tactics and TS discipline. A clan that trains regularly and kicks butts in any league it participates in :naughty: . We are now part of probably the largest gaming community in Germany. They already have 5 Vanilla BF clans under their hood and we're the first FH Clan. We will have a clan server shortly (FtN ist changing to a new provider) and once 0.6 ist out, there will very likely be a public FH server as well (currently they have four 32 slot and one 64 slot) server. FtN is now also the official host of "Eve of Destruction", so there is always something going on. Lot's of things to do for everyboy. So have a look around and if you like waht you see, file your application :type: . Below are some of the important links (all in German) FragThe.Net: http://www.fragthe.net/index.php Forgotten Heroes: http://www.fragthe.net/forum.php?c=24 Short Introduction: http://www.fragthe.net/viewtopic.php?t=8977 Clan Rules: http://www.fragthe.net/viewtopic.php?t=8974 Cheers, Mick