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3rd November 2003

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Force-10 are currently looking for 2-3 peeps to join the clan,atm we are playing in the clanbase conquest ladder and the infantry ladder,and feel we need new blood,we will deffinatly 100% be playing FH in ladders also,as soon as enuff join the ladder. We are well organised,but are deffinatly not over the top and have no ranks etc like some clans. We have 2 BF servers,1 is private for matches and the other is hosting FH 6.1 atm,we got ts/irc bla bla bla u know the rest. If ur experianced in BF/FH and are looking for a nice clan then drop by our forums and leave us a message,we are not the best known UK clan as we like to keep a low profile,but we are competative and friendly so come look us up You can check our forums and website. Website = http://www.force-10.biz Forums = http://www.force-10.biz/forum/

You can also mail me here [email]az@force-10.biz[/email]