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#1 14 years ago

This is probably some kind of stupid bug. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often, but it is annoying. The last time it happened was last night. I was in the Night Moves level, and on the part where the player has to rescue the pilot at some point. Anyway, I walked on ahead a way, before I realized that the marines (except Tommy of course) were not moving. I returned to the save point, and I could not find them anywhere, even though the icons were present on the outer rim of the compass. I think they may have somehow gotten stuck in the previous level, leaving poor Tommy to do it all by himself. So with the help of the notarget and fullheal cheats, I managed to stay alive. It was kind of fun shooting the Japs when the notarget was on-they wouldn't notice me and "bam" (or *poke*) they jerk in surprise and fall dead. Until the Japs did that Banzai Charge, which meant, of course, being sans fellow comrades, I had to fend off all by my lonesome. I arrived at the pilot, and still the men's icons stayed where they were. I picked up the pilot, wondering how on Earth I was going to get to Sulli, until the icons just started (gasp) moving. First the medic arrived, and kept waving his arms shouting, "over here! over here!". Finally,, I thought, They're going to help me! Unfortunately, all they did was just crouch there, staring straight ahead. Must've been a serious dose of shell shock. If that drill instructor from boot camp saw them... --->:furious: "What do you scumbags think you're doing, leaving Private Conlin to do all the fighting! You worthless maggots!" (And that's probably the mild version ;) ) Anyway, the other time it happened was during one of the river scenes, after Bloody Ridge. But unlike last night's experiences, whenever I came upon some Japs, the circles moved oh-so-slowly to Tom Conlin, and started to do something useful (like actually shooting). The amusing thing though was that then they would just scurry back to their same branch, back at the beginning of the river thing, and hide behind some tree roots in the water. Fortunately, if I asked for help, Jimmy did come-but only if I was practically nose-to-nose with him. So...has anyone else experienced a moment when their Marines did not, would not, and refused point blank to follow Private Tommy Conlin?

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#2 14 years ago

LOL, exactly what they would say, the thing is, It happened quite a bit to me aswell...just finish the level without them if they do that...thats how I finished the game(without cheats)


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#3 14 years ago

Hey, it's happening to me again-this time in that level where at the end Jimmy says something about it being another day in paradise. It's at the beginning of the level, and all I have on my side is Jimmy himself. All teh others are lying wounded somewhere on the compass, invisible...