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hello, i play this damn good game for a whie now, but got stuck on the ship where Japanese planes attacking me ,, i'm frustrated,, tried to shoot those planes , with no luck, i got one of em but not all of em... i checked but cant hit the 4 or 5 airplanes circling me :/ can some1 help plz, or if some1 have the save file after this stupid level would really appreciate it cheers :beer: btw this's what i'm talking bout

6.2 - Sitting Ducks: Return To Rafts ------------------------------------ Now you must find Willie Gaines. Basically, just follow your radar, but be wary, as there will be some Japs in your way. Take them down, and then grab Willie and dump him onto the boat left. You'll get in, and then we'll start moving. Don't relax yet, though, as some more Japs have emerged on the beach. This bit's very easy, as they really cannot hit you, as within a few seconds, you're miles away. However, two Japanese planes are now circling you, and this bit I found frustratingly difficult. You're given a heavy MG by a teammate, and you don't have very long to take them down before you're killed. After about my 10th attempt, I did it, and the tactic I'd give is to wait until they're flying towards you, but are leaning to one side. This is how I did it, and I had 55HP left. Now you'll be transported to the Nautilus, where you'll have to defend it from the Japs.



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