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13th August 2003

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#1 15 years ago

It's 7 in the morning as I type this. I've been sat up in an empty bed since 5-30 the sun is pouring through the curtains and yes I feel lonely. My boyfriends not been home in 4 days and he won't be back til Monday, his sweet children sleep soundly in their bedrooms down the hall. And I am the happiest person on the planet! You think you've been in love before then something happens that changes your perspective. It's not til the real thing comes along that you finally see what's been missing from your life. And the way I feel now my life must have been empty and dull before this Summer. Sure, the previous two years have been good me but without going into detail I went through some terrible shit 4 or 5 years before that.

Reading between the lines of a lot of the posts in this forum I see a lot of people who have had similar sounding stories to my own. Some of you are a long way from being happy with your lives. But the saying is true, Love Will Conquer All. But don't sit around waiting for it to happen get out their and chase it down. I thought I was making a fool of myself many a time, but love comes in may disguises and one day you may find that person you thought of as 'just a good friend' turns into something a bit more special. Don't lose it. Hope that didn't sound patronising, but i just feel so good inside and wanted to share.


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19th December 2003

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#2 15 years ago

its very sweet of you to share your advice with all of us - and i dont doubt its truth