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How quickly they forget...

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13th September 2002

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#21 17 years ago
TFF_Jay11)i hate myself and my life 2)i love someone but they dont believe me 3)i think im going crazy 4)why are my post so short?

#1) I hate myself and my life too. #2) Nah I can't say I'm in love with anyone. #3) I went crazy a long time ago. #4) thats your problem #5) PM me with the name you want and I'll change it.


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18th December 2003

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#22 17 years ago

Angel Ayanami - mind your manners. perhaps noone else caught on to your last post, but i did. i doubt god would congradulate you on that comment.

Angel Ayanami


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20th August 2003

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#23 17 years ago

please im not in the mood to argue


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16th September 2003

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#24 17 years ago

"1)i hate myself and my life 2)i love someone but they dont believe me 3)i think im going crazy"

You are living the way you choose to live it. What are you doing now to improve it? Set a huge goal, I know they say this in school, but it's really really important. Look at your life, if you don't like it now, see what causes you made for it to be that way, learn from your mistakes (history is a mirror to see what we are and to see what can be improved), and make the right causes to achieve that huge goal, You need a mission in life, and you need to thrive toward this mission in every detail, when you achieve that goal you will be soooo fulfilled, and then you can choose another. Yo can make life exciting! You just have to want to do it. Don't forget this, think about it seriously, because it's all up to you!

I know you have the ability to strengthen the relatioinship with this person. Only you know exactly how to do it, and you have to look at yourself, and what you need to do to have a good relationship. Don't change your character, but your personality of you are lazy, timid, angry... Once you start taking on challenges you gain wisdom, experience and happiness!! Challenge yourself, live life and you will get benefits. It all starts when you start!