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Admiral Donutz Advanced Member

Wanna go Double Dutch?

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9th December 2003

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#31 15 years ago

lol, yup that about it: play games and/or watch some movie(s) get drunk and eat lots of junkfood. nothing special real;y. although it is fun! Haven't been to a sleepover for about 1 or 2 years. We prefer to go on vacation (somewhere) with tents or in a bungalow. (where we get drunk do nothing BUT we prepar our own food (nothing special: just some hamburgers or some italian food. Anything that you can prepar in les than 5 minutes i guess).


Lost in Space

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19th September 2003

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#32 15 years ago

Usually its a all-nighter (usually a friday night) where we all tell our parents that we are sleeping round someones, then wander the streets or go to where we stay, the lots off weed and alcohol.


Alumni @ Miskatonic University

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30th January 2004

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#33 15 years ago

Sometimes we go to some restaurant and get milkshakes at 3 am, but that was several years ago.

Yama Llama

I Poop Alot, Wanna Smell?

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7th December 2003

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#34 15 years ago

At my sleepovers we play Dance Dance Revoultion! And we dance the night away.... :dance:



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5th August 2003

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#35 15 years ago

Well thats because you're thirteen. Wait a year or two, then you'll be out all night, drinking, smoking up and heading to Pizza Pizza at 2:30 am.


Flying Dutchman

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28th April 2003

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#36 15 years ago

uhhm... as far as I know you don't actually sleep at a... sleepover, you just, get drunk, watch tv, play video games.

Dreadnought[DK] Advanced Member

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7th March 2003

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#37 15 years ago

A sleepover for me is when I go to a party at someone's flat and get so drunk that I crash on a couch, normally accompanied by people who also felt the need to sleep on a couch or on the floor or whatever place available...

Mr. Matt Advanced Member


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17th June 2002

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#38 15 years ago

Guys have sleepovers?

So you just go there, get drunk or go somewhere else to get drunk and play video games?

That's not a sleepover. That's just what we do normally!

AegenemmnoN Advanced Member

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20th August 2003

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#39 15 years ago

well, me and my friends star with a circle jer...... actually, we play games, eat bad food, drink soda, and try and make eachother laugh harder as the sugar wears off, and a LOT of movies.

CorT Advanced Member


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2nd April 2003

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#40 15 years ago

[color=red]sleepover....o_O the last sleepover I went to I was like...9....

anyway, if I were to go to one now: there'd be a lot of video games, junk food, and doing things like shaving eyebrows to the first guy who falls asleep. last sleepover wasn't when I was trip 8th grade. me and ... 2 other guys in a hotelroom. wasn't really fun...I think I read a book and the other two fought over a gameboy...O_o yeah. I fell asleep first. one of 'em had a teddy bear (acctually I think it was a stuffed dog >_>) and one had a camera...yeah. I guess I sleep really sound because come morning they showed me pictures of me sleep with the bear (or dog, whatever it was).