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#121 17 years ago
Capt. YossarianOkay. THe "black market" argument argument normally has one flaw. Where do they get these guns? many are stolen from citizens. therefore, if less people would have guns, less would get stolen, less would be on the black market.

Lol, that is a very biased, and stoopid situation you have described. You cannot support that claim. I don't think you fully now what the subject we are talking about here, so let me put this in common terms for you. Blackmarket weaponry is not something you are going to find in an average citizens home. We are talking about Assault Rifles, SubMachineguns, etc., not your A-Typical rifle/handgun a lawfully abiding citizen is currently only allowed to have. Again, take a deep breath, soak in this information, then come back to the thread.