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5th June 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hey. As I've mentioned before, I dont really understand modding, but I can script (kinda), but I was on this site a few hours ago, and....omg. I wanna try modelling. Saber hilts. Dunno why, but I LOVE saber hilts. I wanna break away from the old and make my own sabers. Sooo.....are there any readme's or guides on how? I got the sdk (dunno if thats needed or not) and I was iffing over GDKRadiant or not. So....if anyone can give me links or stuff to modelling...that would me much appreciated. thx



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13th March 2003

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#2 14 years ago

First you need a modelling software: 3dsmax is the best, but it's too expensive... You can get gmax (his "smaller brother") which is free, or milkshape which is 30 days trial. Then you can grab a spanish tutorial or the first part of a 3dsmax tutorial