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3rd May 2006

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#1 12 years ago

i was messin around in my maint and maintt folders the other day, and i think i might have lost a pak file in the process. can someone say how many pak files there should be in the maint and in the maintt? if thats not the problem, then anyone know why my allied weapons dont make any sounds? i hear them hitting wood and bodies, i just dont hear the reloading or firing, etc. i have all my mods in my maintt folder, and no mods in my maint folder, so i dont think its conflicting mods, which is why i think im missing a pak file... :uhm:


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22nd November 2006

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#2 12 years ago

If you have the standard American version of the game with all the latest patches for each, you should have

(In your main) pak0.pk3 (bunch of stuff) pak1.pk3 (textures) pak2.pk3 (textures) pak3.pk3 (sounds) pak4.pk3 (sounds) pak5.pk3 (maps) pak6.pk3 (patch 1.11 material I believe)

(In your mainta) pak1.pk3 pak2.pk3 pak3.pk3 pak4.pk3 pak5.pk3

(In your maintt) pak1.pk3 pak2.pk3 pak3.pk3 pak4.pk3

Remember that both Spearhead and Breakthrough both draw a lot of their sounds/textures/models from Allied Assault, so try removing all mods from all three folders.