Chewbacca Music Video looking for a mapper and scripter!!!!! -1 reply

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8th September 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I was listening to the song "Chewbacca, What a Wookie" from Clerks, and though it would be cool to have a in-game music video for it. Something knowone has done before. The song is about a minute and 45 seconds, it starts out with the two guys talking about what's better, empire strikes back or return of the jedi. Then the song begins

Models i will use in video-=

Chewbacca (of course) The Clerks ( not sure what to use yet, maybe george lucas and steven speildberg lol) Jabba the Hutt (has a small role in the song)

hopefully i can have complete band too with guitars and drums, etc. But that would require new anamation

Email me at [email][/email]

I will do the skinning and maybe some modeling for props and audio

-My next project will be a Star Wars Gangsta Rap In-game Music Video-

Here is a link to the star wars gangsta rap video (flash)