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#1 13 years ago

Hello. About a month ago my friend brought over his DVD version of Pacific Assault for me to try out. It installed fine and ran fine. After playing for about an hour my sysytem randomly restarted. I then tried to run the game again. While loading the menu the game would crash to the desktop without any error message. After trying to solve this problem for a while with no results, I uninstalled and deleted all game folders. On boxing day I picked up my own copy of the CD version of the game. It installed fine but as it loads the menu it crashed back to the desktop just like it did with my friends DVD version. I think there may be something in my system log causing it to crash, but i dont know how to access it. My Specs: 2.8 Intel Pentium 4 - HT (And it seems it doesnt run great on a Intel Pentium 4 HT - lol) Radeon 9200 512 DDR Ram Thanks in advance for any responses. EDIT: I also have latest catalist drivers.