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23rd November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

How do I make other npcs just use forcelightning??? cultist_lightning has WP_melee and class reborn but when I put same valus to my palpatine... he starts punch people. WP_NONE gives him invisible E11... So my question is: HOW DO I MAKE OTHER NPCS JUST USE FORCELIGHTNING!?!?

and by the way someone moved my other thread to problems... BUT IT SHOULD BE IN HERE!


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31st January 2004

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#2 14 years ago



playerModel cultist

customSkin blue



forcePowerMax 200

forceRegenRate 50

forceRegenAmount 2

rank captain

reactions 1

aim 1

move 1

aggression 5

evasion 3

intelligence 1

hfov 120

vfov 120

playerTeam TEAM_ENEMY


// race human


snd cultist3

sndcombat cultist3

sndjedi cultist3

yawSpeed 60

walkSpeed 45

runSpeed 180

health 100

dismemberProbHead 0

dismemberProbArms 20

dismemberProbLegs 0

dismemberProbHands 30

dismemberProbWaist 0

} I think that should work.:deal:


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22nd February 2004

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#3 14 years ago

if that don't work try this.Go to pcgamemods.comdownload the npc tool beta. open assests 1 pk3 open ext data copy cultist_grip to ext data on your base folder open npc tool do skin cultist where it says weapon do meele and do forces lighning it should work then if it dont tell me and i'll know what to do