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4th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

The development of 1.2.1 is complete. Here are the updates/fixes etc. There is very little new function, just fixes! I will be submitting this to jk2file.com shortly. In the interval, if you just have to have it now: try http://members.rogers.com/lee.oattes/duelers1_2_1.zip

- increased the number of models/skins that the UI can display (from 256 to 512) - disallow changing saber configuration from single to dual or dualblade during special attacks - fixed bug in basejk code that allows data from spectators who have followed you to over-ride current data about you -- this could manifest itself in a number of nasty ways, but what we saw was dissapearing sabers after a throw once some spectator had followed you. The specator origin info was over-writing your saber return location! Interestingly this bug does not seem to occur in the basejk game but does occur in *every* mod that is based on the Raven source code. [I checked adminmod, jediplus, jedimod, and duelers]. - added some "memory" to retain state of dual blades over respawns. - fixed bug where administratively frozen players could kill themselves and restore force powers (but they were still frozen ;-) - extended operation of "nerf spin" cvar to orange and purple specials (set m_ns to 2). - reset client name cvar to original if attempt is made to change name illegally - adjust client hilt cvar if attempt is made to use reverse hilt illegally - extend restrictions on use of emotes during combat, eg. saber attacks and locks. - fixed up much tck hilt code in the client -- reduced thrashing of hilt models - fixed hilt texture bug in listen servers for the host client - added code to prevent single click kicking off walls -- only clients. This eliminates the annoying kick/flip behaviour when you are trying to simply jump over some obstacles. - allow sabers to be ignited before a duel starts in tournament games - added access for admins to the 'showmotd" command to redisplay MOTD to players - administratively frozen players will not take damage from other players. - removed cvar m_ssd as it is essential redundant with g_scaleSaberDamage.


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#2 17 years ago

1.2.1 has been released so i am closing this thread.