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#1 16 years ago

I will post this to jk2files.com shortly, but you can get the final 1.3 from here right now if you don't want to wait... (and why wait?)

New features from the readme:

- extended voting capabilities to allow admins to define new voting options to change mod and/or server settings. UI for voting has been changed to support server/admin specified voting capablities. - voting can be allowed or disallowed for individual vote types. m_rV is now a bit field. Default setting (m_rV=530) allows only map changes, kicking players and the new mod control voting. - client customizable roll animation. UI setup available to select perferred roll animations. Alternately, animations can be controlled by client side cvars. - key bind scanning can be enabled to prevent clients from using macros to execute special moves. (eg. kick, blue special, etc.) - 10 new emotes added, thanks Mike! Note: "stand" has been removed. - color added to crosshair information in non-team based gametypes. - cvars for eliminating grapple and jetpack from duels in FFA have been added - IP addresses are logged on connect - all admin command usage on other players is logged - thunder sounds when admin commands are used (LOL). Thunder and screen shaking are heard/seen only when close to the client affected by the admin command. - admin commands can be individually masked to allow/disallow their use - partial client names (substrings) can be used in admin commands (if un-ambiguous) - teleport to location admin command added - spectating no longer sets your score to zero (but may cost you a score point in some gametypes). - new cvar m_aa (allActivity) to make g_timeouttospec and g_inactivity timers consider any client activity rather than just motion and attack. - NOTE: client cvariable for admin password has changed from admin_password to c_aP. Update your configuration if you are an admin on a server! - many other fixes and small changes (see CHANGES.TXT)