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28th October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

everytime i try to load upmy map it says: error 2 missing soundsets

what i did was puted the .wav file i wanted in the sounds folder of my .pk3 and also added a copy of the sounds.txt in the same folder but the map wont even load. all i did was type soundset and for value type door_stone_move.wav

i also wanted to add some music so i added a soundset music and at first jsut typed the music's name then type /sounds/music

waht do i need to do i have read the ol forums but they say is type soundset door_stone_move.wav but it wont work for me :( even with the file in the .pk3


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#2 14 years ago

For JA AFAIK you can't add a new soundset unless you specify it in sounds.txt and include a copy in your PK3 (in the same place it is usually). You then specify the name of the soundset (which has to be multiple wav's) and not a single wave file.

Let me just stress that this is a BAD idea because the game will only load one sounds.txt file and if we all start running around adding our own version of the sounds.txt file into our PK3's there are going to be conflicts and errors. So far I have not been told otherwise as to how the sounds.txt file is loaded which means this stands true.