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#1 16 years ago

ok i've searched this forum (also the jk2) and dident found the awnser to my question ok here it goes

i made 166 frames in tga's in a directory on my c drive and made this .param file

INPUT_DIR "C:\lotrmod-trailer\tgas"

FILENAME "C:\lotrmod-trailer\intro.roq"

SOUND "c:\intro.wav"

INPUT intro*.tga [0001-0166] END_INPUT

but when i try to compile the param the consel says "roq video file maker (c) 1995 trilbo byte, inc. build date: feb 17 2002 (edit this is not the time i was making it ) initroqfile: c:\documents_temp init: initing..... encoding a total of 166 frames (not including mpg frames) encodestream: sound file not foundcolderoqfile: closing roq file fopen could not open files" ok in dont get it so if anyone would be nice enough to tell me whats wrong i would really apriceate it :) thank you...