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3rd March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=black][color=black]I have an idea to create a Mod based on the movies (And TV show) of Highlander. For those who don't know what Highlander is I'll give you a run down of the plot. Basically there are certain people who are immortal. They cannot die unless you take their head off. When a Highlander decapitates another one the gain all the knowledge and power of that person. This all leads up to a day where "There can be only one". And since that Highlander will have all that power from everyone, he will basically be all-powerful. But in this game there are certain rules, only one immortal may challenge another at a time. In other words you can't gang up on one person and get his power. Another rules is that you can fight on Holy ground (Churches, Cemeteries, e.g.). There is a lot more and here is a site I found doing a quick search on Google which covers some other stuff. [/color]

[color=black]Anyway with that being done here is my idea for what the Mod should contain. First the biggest one would be that only Decapitations count for kills. You would still have a health bar and you can damage people by hitting them anywhere. I'm not sure how hard it is to program, but if its possible I would like to have it where if your health reaches zero and you have not been decapitated then you will go into a crouching, on your knees position for a short period of time (Like 5 or 10 seconds). This gives the other person time to line up a good headshot, but if they don't do it in time you will be healed (Not fully, Maybe get half your health back at first and then gradually get the rest back). Also if this ever gets off the ground I want to use the Melee mod in conjunction with this (Of course I'll ask permission from the people who made it first and if they don't want me to use it, I won't). After you decapitate someone you will go into a short in game type cut scene (For those who have seen the movie or show you know that after a kill they are enveloped in lighting). I was thinking of just using the Force lighting effect to demonstrate this. It comes out of the dead body and the player who killed the other one holds his weapon up and basically gets shocked. It will last a short a time (Again probably five seconds) in which you can't move, but are invincible.[/color]

[color=black]The only Fore powers you can use are the basic ones (Jump, Speed, e.g.) and they are at level Zero (At first) except for one, which will be level 1(You get to choose). Every time you behead someone you get all their force powers they have. If you kill someone who has level 3 force jump and you previously had none you will be at level 3 jump after the beheading. Now if you are level 2 at something and kill someone who is at level one of the same thing then it will just be a pint added (Meaning you get bumped up to level 3). And you can get more than one stat at a time. If you kill someone at level 3 for everything you will then be at level 3 for everything.[/color]

[color=black]As for the rule about one on one, it'll be ignored unless some one has an idea to enforce it. I will try and keep the Holy Ground rule though. Just designate points on the map that are "Holy" and they will be safe zones where you can recharge your health.[/color]

[color=black]The only other thing I can't think of is that Immortals have a sort of “Spidey” sense. They can sense when other Immortals are near (This will be done with the radar and just use a certain color for Immortals). [/color]

[color=black]That brings me to my next point. Not everyone will necessarily be Immortal. If its possible I would like to include a random selection every time you respawn it will be like 50/50 or maybe one in four chance of you being Immortal. You will not know you are a Immortal until either you health reaches zero and you don't respawn or you decapitate someone and you don't get their power (That is how the show does it. I might just make it that if you kill an Immortal then you become one and get all their power. I don't know.) So everyone on the map might be Immortal, but there is no guarantee.[/color]

[color=black]I think that is it (For now at least). Keep in mind this be a multiplayer only mod. If anyone else knows something I missed or thinks I should do that or not do that please tell me. Heck, tell if this is even a good idea. I have never made a Mod a before and I know I won't be able to do this alone, so any help would be appreciated. Also if someone else is doing this please tell me. If this actually gets off the ground we could do some Highlander Models (Conner McLeod, Duncan McLeod e.g.).[/color]

[color=black]P.S. If you have never seen Highlander and you have cable it will be on Bravo tomorrow. Check your local listings for time. (I believe its 7:00 PM Central Time.) [/color]