how to increase the performance of my mohaa players?(its slow as a rock) -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

When i'm on multiplayer mod my player is just slow. Sometimes i have clicked the mouse fire button but it doesn't fire and my players just walks slowly. I see other players running all over the map mine doesn't. This is why i'm getting some serious beating by some senior players.

My spec are: pentium 4 2.80 ghz 1.2 gb ram

// generated by moh:aa do not modify // // Key Bindings // unbindall bind TAB "+scores" bind ESCAPE "togglemenu" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind 1 "useweaponclass pistol" bind 2 "useweaponclass rifle" bind 3 "useweaponclass smg" bind 4 "useweaponclass mg" bind 5 "useweaponclass grenade" bind 6 "useweaponclass heavy" bind 7 "toggleitem" bind ` "toggleconsole" bind a "+moveleft" bind d "+moveright" bind e "+leanright" bind h "weapdrop" bind p "pushmenu_weaponselect" bind q "+leanleft" bind r "reload" bind s "+back" bind t "+use" bind u "pushmenu_teamselect" bind v "instamsg_main" bind w "+forward" bind y "say" bind PAUSE "pause" bind LCTRL "+movedown" bind LSHIFT "+speed" bind F2 "ui_getplayermodel;pushmenu_dm mpoptions" bind F3 "pushmenu Controls" bind F4 "pushmenu_sp LoadSave" bind F5 "savegame quick" bind F6 "messagemode" bind F9 "loadgame quick" bind F10 "togglemenu mfd" bind F12 "screenshot" bind MOUSE1 "+attackprimary" bind MOUSE2 "+attacksecondary" bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev" bind MWHEELUP "weapnext" // // Cvars // seta sv_maplist "dm/mohdm1 dm/mohdm2 dm/mohdm3 dm/mohdm4 dm/mohdm5 dm/mohdm6 dm/mohdm7" seta r_forceClampToEdge "1" seta s_musicvolume "0.900000" seta s_volume "0.901235" seta s_speaker_type "1" seta name "666" seta r_gamma "2.226974" seta s_milesdriver "Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio" seta r_lastValidRenderer "Intel 865G" seta dm_playermodel "allied_old_woman" seta dm_playergermanmodel "axis_anvils_bikini_warfare" seta sv_hostname "War of the Worlds" seta ui_console "1" seta rate "30000" seta sensitivity "4.125000" seta com_maxfps "999" seta r_drawstaticdecals "0" seta r_texturebits "16" seta r_colorbits "16" seta r_picmip "2" seta r_mode "3" seta s_khz "11" seta cg_shadows "0" seta cg_rain "0" seta ter_maxlod "3" seta ter_error "10" seta vss_maxcount "22" seta cg_effectdetail "0.2" seta r_lodviewmodelcap "0.25" seta r_lodcap "0.35" seta r_lodscale "0.35" seta r_subdivisions "20" seta r_fastentlight "1" seta r_fastdlights "1" seta g_subtitle "1" seta ui_hostname "War of the Worlds" seta ui_connectip "1" seta ui_timelimit "20" seta ui_gamespy "0" seta developer "1" // // Aliases //

i have added seta com_maxfps "999" to upgrade the performance? Does it do any good? Please help me. Thanks guys