I'm not Duelers staff - DO NOT contact me about Duelers plz -1 reply

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10th August 2002

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#1 17 years ago

I had a guy asking for some tech support on Duelers & while I hope I solved the guys problem, I want everyone to know I AM NOT Duelers staff any longer, nor do I care to be so please do not contact me for tech support on Duelers. Things have been better for myself, & Lee too I would imagine, since I've left Duelers.

Perhaps Inskipp or some of the other beta testers/regular users would be interested in posting their IM/IRC/E-Mail contact information in the Duelers forums, which I think would be a good idea myself. If any of you folks are interested, let Lee or myself know & we'll start a sticky thread on it in the tech & help areas.

Also, anyone can feel free to contact me about assistance with the forums, I am GF staff & that's apart of my job but please don't confuse that with being Duelers staff.