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8th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Jedi Masters is a Total Conversion is a multiplayer mod that is cooprative play, there are only two players per map. It's about the adverntures of jedi masters and their padawans throught the years starting with count dooku in his prime.

*The storyline takes place before episode 1 and right before episode 3.

*There are certain missions where you can choose as count dooku as a jedi knight and quigon jinn as a padawan learner.

*Or missions where you play as obiwan and anakin years before episode 2.

*There are even some missions that take place during the clone wars.

***I will have screenshots of the hud, main menu, and such asap

(I might even throw some movie saber battles) #I've tried to start other mods but nothing seems to get anyones attention.

I need: Mappers Modelers Skinners Coders Scripters

Email me at [email][/email]