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10th December 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Still the same question: is there somebody who can help me for my prequel mod? I'm working about the lightsaber styles. Il would like to assign new fully maded lightsaber style to a NPC or a SABER. I've got differents codes for a lot of new fighting style (or remake) but I can't replace _humanoid.cfg without modifying all the NPC fighting styles :mad: Is there a good modder who can help me? :confused: If somebody has suggestions to make on my file, I await them.

Here a small description of my mod

80 % New Menu and Hud 65 % New Skins, new species and/or prefab Character selection (like wookiee male, zabrack male, elomin male and female, etc.. with their own characteristics => very funny :nodding: ) 99 % New sabers, saberstyles (selectable at the beginning... i hope lol :uhoh: ) New animations and animated sequences 50 % New weapons (no... old weapons, this is a prequel mod :p ) 100 % New personnalities, effects, GFX, sound and music (classical music reshape) 15% New story with a remix/modding/mapping of the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy's levels and many other littles things