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#1 14 years ago

There are a pair of generic orc skins, which work very well in JKA. You can get them from Jk2files.com. The file is called orc.zip. There is also the Legolas --Legolas.zip--(NOT Legolas Greenleaf) model, avail from same. This also works in JKA and JO with the exception that the spin taunt with the sabre does strange things to his hand in both JKO and JKA.

These up to now are by far the best models available for LOTR. The other bundled LOTR skins that are downloadable in bulk leave an awful lot to be desired in their resemblance to the characters they are supposed to be. Still If you are that desperate.

A while back Raven did a brill 3rd person shooter called Heretic 2 which was also quake based. A couple of the weapons available in this were Storm arrows and Fire arrows which were used on a bow.

Would some one out there know whether you could modify or export from this? A SDK type kit was available from Raven for download by fans for level (mapping) and skin modificationsat the time. If any of you oldies out there (like me) have played H2 then you will appreciate why Lucas Arts went to Raven for the mappingand texturing forJKO. It was streaks ahead of the competition at the time.