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#1 9 years ago


Recently i've been experiencing problems with the config folder on Windows Vista. I can't make any screenshots, or modify anything in my unnamedsoldier.cfg, because I have no config folder or screenshots folder. My friend told me the config folder is hidden for Windows Vista players. But somehow on a random day, I searched for my foresight menu, cause I didn't know where it was located, and it found my config folder out of nowhere! I forgot to write down the path, which was very stupid. But now, my Foresight menu is still there, but I can't find my config, I really need to find my config folder, else I can't access unnamedsoldier.cfg. So how can I find my config folder, when it's hidden? I tried writing the path, so with abbrievations: C:/MOHAABDemo/Demott/Config and it says it isn't found. I neither have a config folder with SH Full and AA Full and BT Full. But I use demo most, so. What can I do?

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#2 9 years ago

Do you have Administrator privileges set? The config folder will be in your main, mainta, maintt folder depending on what game you are talking about. The screenshot folder is not created until you take a screenshot.


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#3 9 years ago

I run it as you say herr klugscheisser and still no screenshots can be taken, it has nothign to do with administrative pivileges or anything, its just that vista sux. Try to find a windows vista compadibility fixxer or something. My vista sux for xp games but everything else is awsome. please excuse my spelling, i jsut woke up.