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28th July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Every time i want to connect to mohaa server through ase or the game itself, the game launches to the "connecting to server..." screen and then is doesn't start loading the map. I actually AM connected to the server, beacuse when i check the server on ASE, I can see myself on the player list, but the game simply won't load the map. Also the server doesn't drop the connection like when you time out, I am completely puzzled by what is going on. When I pull down console when trying to connect, the last line is "UI_drawconnect called". Sometimes, after reconnecting via console numerous times, it actually does load the map, but when the map changes, i get stuck on the old map, with my lagometer showing all apcket loss, but again refusal to load the map. After about 5 minutes or so i get disconnected... very frustrating I think it maybe my connection, however apart from some packet loss, my ping is normal (around 30). I reinstalled the game to no effect, i have the us- version, 1.11 patch and no-cd .exe and it worked fine before in exactly the same setup. Does anyone have a clue what might be the problem?


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#2 14 years ago


Someone has the exact same problem as me. I may get in a game just fine on MOHAA then the time runs out or the kill limit is met, then its time to load the next map. everyones enjoying the next map cause i may be getting text about the result of whats going on in the next game at the top but im stuck looking at the results of the last map. What the heck. Then if i just exit out of the game and try to join in again, i just get the "CONNECTING TO SERVER" message and nothing else happens. it may take a minute or so to begin loading the next map, it may take 10 minutes or even not at all. its like the server sees me their but im not loading the gameplay info. Hey Ripper, you using Cebridge Cable for your internet service? i got a friend in the area has the same problem and uses Cebridge Cable to run his game. when i used my dialup to run the game, maps load just fine. It seems as if it is a connection issue with the internet provider. If you or anyone else can explain this issue please let me know.