Multitexture crash in Breakthrough -1 reply

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2nd April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

For the first time on several years i have decided to restart playing the breaktrough campaign..unfortentley i could not load the first mission.. game dropped out to windows with the consol open with this error message

(flashing!:bows: ) Warning: Medal Of Honor requires a video card with multitexturing capability..

emm..excuse me Mr Honor but that is bullshit..i have a Geforce 7800 GT 256 ram, i accually think that i have what you call multitexturing capability

Ironicly i can drive orginal Medal Of Honor without any complains like this.. the graphic is hardly expexted to be better in Breaktrough than Allied Asssault anyway.:deal: so its little anoying it doesnt matter if i change the graphic in breaktroughs own get this message with 800 x 600 allso i have the wery latest Forceware driver installed

anyone having any ideas how this can be solved?

i can make a copy of the complete consol report and post here if neccesasary.but i dont know how to do it :beer:


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6th March 2005

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#2 13 years ago

Maybe these programs can help you. NVTweak or NVTray



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23rd February 2004

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#3 13 years ago
silenthill21Maybe these programs can help you. NVTweak or NVTray

Don't bother using those if you have no idea how to use it, it can fck up your video card.

I just took a look on google to see if I could find anything about this error, but I didn't find anything that might help you. However this error is known, so there should be a fix somewhere. Maybe try looking for yourself a bit.