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26th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Had a mod idea for jo but thought it might work better in ja. Idea is for a multiplayer mod using the Marvel comic characters. Each charater gets their powers to replace weapons in the game:

i.e. for wolverine he has dual sabers - but reduce their length and change the skin to match claws. He would get the heal power, max jump, max damage etc.

another example Gambit - staffsaber with reduce damage to represent his staff wepon, replace thermal detonaters with card skins and reduce damage and change trajectory settings to imatate cards

or more rougue play around with jump settings to give her flight ability, max/overmaxed drain power to represent her power, max/over-max hand to hand combat.

I could go on but it gets boring. Never had the time to get into it really plus the skeletonmodels didnt aloow much tinkering (wanted wolverine to semi-crouch) but with ja this might be possible. if u think u can help post away. i am mainly an ideas person but will help with as many moding techniques as i learn them.