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#1 14 years ago

Hello i just got an graphics card installed at staples. Its the Geforce mx 4000. Since then MOH AA wont run any more. I assume the staples guy uninstall the old graphics driver (he look like he knew what he was doing) . Anyway its got directx 9.0 on it, and i tried asjusting the display settings with no luck. The game get halfway thru the box with writing then does this :uhoh: Glw_choose PFD failed failed to find an appropriate pixel format restoring display settings warning: could not set the given model(3) shutting down Qgl unloading OpenGl Dll assuming '3d fxvgl' is a standalone driver initializing QGl warning missing glide installation assuming no 3dfx available shutting down qgl glw_start opengl could not load opengl subsystem. thats as far as i get. The game worked fine before the card i just had the graphices turned down:) SO if anyone can help that would be awesome Thank u