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25th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Does anyone who used 'q3map_flare' find it frustrating? I hope someone who doesn't would help me out.

It is for me. Why? Well, I inserted the command into the shader file of a particular light shader. It worked well, with the flares there. Now, I copied and pasted that section of the shader into a new shader file, and added a '2' behind, just so I can differentiate it (with matching names for the texture.) Here's where the problem appear. I loaded the game, and in the console, it said that the command "q3map_flare" was unknown. But is that possible? I have everything exactly the same words in both shader entries, so, how can one be working and the other not?

In the test map, I have two shaders/textures for the lights, one is the original, and the other was using the '2' texture. The original had the flare, but the '2' didn't.

And what's strange is that when I made a test room solely using the '2's, the flares appeared, but this time, I removed the 'q3map_flare' command from the '2' entry!

Usually, I use Jk2Radiant (I only use it because GTkRadiant couldn't load.), and so, had the JK2 textures loaded instead. I made sure, however, that the shader files from both JK2 and JA will mirror each other (so they would work in both games similarly.), but this time, I didn't remove the 'q3mao_flare' command for the '2' entry in the JK2 one, but I did for the JA one... does the compilation read from the JK2 directory instead?

I hope I didn't write the description above too messily.

Any help?

Thanks, WJTW