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#1 17 years ago

Well, here I am again consulting the oracles of wisdom (crawl, crawl, ). A question from them as doesn't know to them as 'as an answer for everything ( and most of em right too!)

It was a while in JKO before mods came out in which it was possible to scale the size the models in game. You could, using the Tchouky mod script, have your Yoda or Jawa in game at any size you wanted by using said mod with a variation in its .cfg file, to make him say,half of the standard Kyle size (which was 1).

In reality Yoda is much smaller, closer to one third Kyle's height You could also have your Desann much taller (cos in JKO he is much taller than Kyle). I used to have the Jabba model at nearly twice the Kyle size for a more realistic effect. This of course would depend on what map you were using, cos some of these characters would not fit through doorways any more.

By now those new to JKA who never played, modded or modelled or skinned prior to this will have gotten my drift. Those of you who are veterans of JK, JKO and now are continuing with JKA, will understand precisely what I am getting at.

I am probably being very impatient, JKA having been out only a matter of a few months, but it pisses me off that my Jawas, Jabbas, and Padmes, Sebulbas, Desanns, Aurra Sings (most of the female characters , in fact) are all unrealistic heights.

What precisely is required from Raven for us to be able to do the same model scaling in JKA? Any ideas how long it will be before the tools are available to do this?