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24th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

[color=red]I am posting this to see if someone fluid in making skins and sabers may help me out I have recently made a clan and I am using a Spawn skin made for JK2 I was wondering if someone could modify the skin so it would look more Sith like however if a skinner wants a challenge I have a picutre that I would like to be made my new skin if you are up for the skinning E-mail me at [email=""][/email] and I shall send you the pic and the info of what i want on it. I would also like one of two sabers made the first one a single type saber I would want Dooku's hilt but the blade made into a combination of a scimitar and a katana or a staff which I would like edited to have more detail and also look like a Japanise Long Army Lance. If you guys are up to these challenges to sharpen you moding skills let me know by E-mailling me. Farewell.[/color]