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26th September 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Even though it hasnt made its way to yet.. TotalJediWar did make it to if you havent tried it.. go download it now!

to those who have tried it... im proud to announce i will be making total jedi war 2.... The Theme is set.. It will take place on Hoth. I plan on using the same vehicles.... minus 2 swoops... i will have 2 swoop 2 taun taun 2 ATST walkers and 2 MiniTies for each team to use.

I learned from my horrible mapping mistakes and now know how to map a large map without having to worry about much draw distance.. so i will be making this map a little more detailed then the last map.. (mainly. will have rocks in the turrain... plus nonflat canyon side surfaces..

It will be snowing ... to add the detail.. and if i can figure out how to add a thin layer of fog to the ground.. i will add that too.. as well as Water covered with thin ice.. (breaks when you jump on it..

ok.. enough with the bragging.. (not that its much .. but its better then TJW1)

I wanna know what you would add to TJW t o make it more fun? if you had to make the TJW map.. based on a canyon on the planet hoth.. how would you do it? what would you add... what would you take away from the original TJW to make it more fun???

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9th August 2003

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#2 14 years ago

Ok some of the textures didnt work, the swoops didnt spawn, you over use the building texture a little too much other than that I liked it but you should fix these for the next one and maybe a underground area and make the sky a bit higher for some good air fights