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#1 13 years ago

Hello All, Ok a friend of mine bought medal of honor the warchest, and when he went to install it it gets to around 80% and then an error pops up saying ::Component Transfer Error:: Component: data files complete File Group: Data Files Complete File: I:\main\pak2.pk3 Error: Incorrect Function Any idea wth this means? we redid his windows he got a new videocard and HDD and the 1st thing we did after we installed the drivers for everything, 1st game to be installed was MOHAA. Now i bought The Warchest the same day and installed it on my pc just fine but when i went to put mine in it tells me about direct X and that i need to install it. Unlike his It tells him that he already has the latest version and he doesnt need an update? Does it have to do with him having the newest version of windows and direct x being a microsoft software? I mean we tried my mohaa and still nothing. any help is much appreciated thanks smilie.gif (sry for the long post but this has been bugging me)