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19th January 2004

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#61 17 years ago
ThorAeabstnisHI all i read all posts and got my server working!!!! now i have a question!! can u host 2 servers at once with that option???? cause when i try it (set different ports) it says vm_creat game failed or something like that!!! plz help!!!!!

I don't know if you can host 2 servers from the same computer but my question is why do you want to have more than 1? Unless you have a super computer and a super connection i would not recommend trying to make 2 servers at the same time.


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26th November 2003

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#62 17 years ago

btw (referring to a reply some time ago now...) it is not generally a good idea to run with your firewall down

get Sygate Personal Firewall which is free AND supports networks so you can access the net from any comp and be nice n safe ;)



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26th February 2004

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#63 17 years ago

i dont have to put my firewall down to run a server!!!! and i dont want to host 2 servers for long time just forabout 1 hour and then just one!!!! plz this would really help me!!!!!! i got a good connection!!! ppl from USA have a ping of 150 and iam sitting in Germany!!!!!and also got some other internet programms running simultanously (spelling????)