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We want to ensure our server is an enjoyable, friendly place for people to play. To do this we ask that members and guests follow these guidelines:-

The Server Admins - The server admins are volunteer staff from the sites staff who watch over the server. Please have the up most respect for these people. - If an admin is addressing you, you are expected to respond in the appropriate manner. - Please follow any directions given by an admin swiftly. - If you feel you have been treated unfairly by an admin please email [email][/email] and we will review your case.

Behaviour - You are expected to conduct yourself in a mature manner on our server. If you are caught being offensive to another player or an admin you may be warned then kicked or banned from the server. Punishments are issued at the admins discretion. - Intentional Spawn and type killing will not be tolerated. If you do it by accident apologize to the player then continue playing. Offenders face punishment at the admins discretion.

Player Names - Before joining please choose a suitable nickname to play with. Players that join as "Unnamed" will be asked to choose a nickname, failing this they may face being kicked to make way for another player. - Offensive player names are not permitted, anything deemed offensive by the admins will be dealt with at there discretion.

Cheating - We take cheating at MoHFiles Extremely seriously, Our servers are here for all to have fun and get to know members of staff and the community. If cheats are detected, or you are caught using cheats you will be banned from the server and FileFront Network. - If you feel someone might be cheating please make an admin aware or email information to [email][/email] and the admins will take it from there.

Chat Facility - Please be aware this server is open to all and therefore there may be minors playing on the server. Please do not use vulgar or sexually explicit language in conversation. - Likewise any form of racial slur or bad mouthing directed at a player or admin will result in the player being kicked or banned at the admins discretion. - Please use binds in the server sensibly, anyone spamming binds may be removed from the server by the admin.

If you have any questions or comments about these rules or the server please email [email][/email] and an admin will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Fragging

The MoHFiles Server Team