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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=blue]Hello there, I'm Lawrence for those of you that havent spoken to me before, I have recently started working on and am Managing the server. I'd Just like to keep you updated about some changes that have been made to the server. [/COLOR] I am Organising a 2 vs. 2 Tournament for this server also. So if interested find yourself a partner and Post in the Thread in this Registration Thread

  • Foresight is now Running Server Side and Scanning
  • Silenced Pistol has been added
  • Map Rotation has been switched to obj (and over the course of yesterday / last night the server got pretty busy)

Here are Some things That i would like your insight, (As you are the users)

  • Should Running the Foresight Client Side be made mandatory ?
  • Would you like to have Rifle Only days during the week ? (E.G. Yay its Rifle only Wenesday)
  • More themes like the above like Freeze Tag , TDM, FFA , etc ?

[COLOR=red]Any other suggestions would be very much welcomed :)=p[/COLOR]