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If you're tired of being in a clan requesting you to be gaming at least 10 hours a week, or being demoted or worse.

Or even requesting you to be in only one clan and and a whole bunch of limitations but you're not willing to throw

away the structures, the realism and the brotherhood then you should take a look at Spec Ops Task Force just type

in your browser .

We're not a real clan but more like a gaming team having experience in the military domain. Our team is based on the

1st SFOD-D, 75th Rangers and the 160th SOAR. All packed to execute various missions using special forces methods.

If you're willing to join us or just want more information just head for our website and click the "Comm center" to

contact us. We'll answer you as fast as possible.

Hope to see you soon.


PS: mature members (males/females) speaking decent english only.